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BDC Reticle Brochure: Technology for the Long Shot

Posted on 15 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Click on the link below to download the latest BDC Reticle brochure…it’s more of a tall poster, really. But, it explains the technology and how to use it – and the different BDCs available for different types of hunters – because we know every hunter does things a little differently.

Click here to download the full BDC Reticle Brochure. (PDF file, 1.22 MB – that means this download is NOT for slow Internet connections.)

To give you a sneak peak of the type of information you’ll find, we’ve pasted a few pieces of the brochure below.

BDC Reticle Info Poster: Types of BDCs

Information about Omega BDC 250 Reticle

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Michael Waddell Endorses Flextone’s FIVE New Turkey Mouth Calls

Posted on 02 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Flextone Game Calls proudly welcomes the Michael Waddell Series of turkey mouth calls to its turkey call line up. His years of competitive turkey calling contests have landed him numerous state and national calling championships. This along with his years of hunting experience across the nation calling to the meanest of gobblers, have caused Flextone and Michael Waddell to join forces and create his favorite and most successful turkey mouth calls ever. Flextone’s new “Blended Latex” makes the calls not only very responsive, but super easy to use. No more stiff latex reeds that takes days to break in, as Michael’s new calls start singing to Thunder Chickens the first time you try. Flextone and Michael Waddell are introducing five new mouth calls to its arsenal.

SMACK DOWN tm          Triple reed w/ Half & Half Cut

KUNG FU CHOP tm       Triple reed w/ 3.0 Cutter

FREAK NASTY tm            Triple reed w/ Double Bat Wing Cut

SPUR COLLECTOR tm   Triple Reed w/ “V” Cut

BLACK BETTY tm             Triple Reed w/ Ghost Cut

The new Michael Waddell Series Mouth Calls from Flextone Game Call, not only creates soft tree yelps or seductive clucks and purrs, but can shake leaves out from the tallest of trees with the loud cuts, cackles and yelps. The new Flextone technology of “Blended Latex” not only is responsive to soft calling but has the back bone to scream back at the loudest of gobblers. This spring, don’t enter the woods with just any turkey call, use the Michael Waddell Series of Blended Latex mouth calls from Flextone Game Calls and give those Thunder Chickens a tongue lashing that they’ve never heard before.

Michael Waddell on Flextone's 5 new turkey mouth calls

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On the Spot Savings

Posted on 01 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Check with participating dealers for $100 savings. Offers available July 11, 2011 through August 14, 2011. On the Spot Savings available only at Nikon

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Charter Selects PMI to Rep Line

Posted on 01 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Charter arms recently named Professional Marketing Inc. as one of its manafacturer’s representatives serving dealers and distributors.
Nick Ecker president of Charter Arms said, “Charter Arms has always had a very strong following in the Southeast states, and this will broaden our reach to bring Charter Arms directly to neighborhood shooting sports distributors in the Southeast.”
Tom Wiley, president of Professional Marketing, said, “In visiting Charter Arms factory, I was impressed by how the employees take great pride in their work. ‘Whatever It Takes’ is our company philosophy, and with that approach we will grow profits for our clients while maintaining ethical principles.”

From June/July 2011 issue of Shot Business

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Elite Sports Express

Posted on 01 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Charter Arms will visit 90 dealers across the U.S. this year as one of the sponsors of the Elite Sports Express, a 75-foot showroom on wheels. Nick Ecker, president of Charter Arms, selected 29 of the company’s most popular revolvers for customers to test out while visiting the mobile showroom. “Charter Arms products are currently touring the East and West Coast showrooms, staffed by knowledgeable individuals on hand to educate the consumer in revolvers’ features and the safe handling of firearms,” Ecker said. “It’s no surprise to us that the colored anodized frame models – like the Lady Chic, Pink Lady and Cougar – are getting the most attention,” said Lissa McCarthy, national sales manager. “Women want to incorporate fashion when they carry, and create theor own personal statement. At Charter Arms, we pay close attention to our customers’ requests and keeping them satisfied.”

For more information, visit Charter Fire Arms or Elite Sports Express.

From the June/July issue of Shot Business.

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