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G2 Research- RIP AMMO

Posted on 29 April 2016 by Tom Wiley

This stuff does some serious damage! The PMI team is excited about representing G2 Research in the Southeast.

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PMI To Rep a New Line!

Posted on 09 November 2012 by Tom Wiley

The sales reps at PMI are proud to announce a new partnership with ARMASIGHT. Armasight is a relatively new line in the night vision optics industry. If you are looking at rigging out a varmint, predator, or Hog gun, are needing to be able to conduct security in low light situations, or just want to have some fun with Night Vision this line has it all. Their Products are well made and they have products priced for everyone to enjoy. For more information visit your local Armasight dealer, contact a PMI sales rep, or visit their website at

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New Nikon Spot On Ballistic Match Technology

Posted on 24 March 2010 by Tom Wiley

March 24, 2010

Thanks to Nikon, rifleshooters around the world now have a tool to help them match their preferred load to their style of shooting and to their style of riflescope and reticle. Nikon’s all new Spot On program allows users to select from the largest database of factory ammo and reloading components ever assembled to build the perfect plan for dialing in their rifle.

“Not all shooters have access to a 400-yard range or the time to figure out with trial and error exactly what their bullet is doing at every range,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager Nikon Sport Optics. “Spot On allows users to match their load of choice to any Nikon riflescope, with any reticle, and see what the possibilities are before they ever pull the trigger.”

An easy to use, intuitive layout makes using and understanding the program a breeze.

Available options include:

-Detailed sight-in info to match the user’s goals

-Ballistic reports for the bullet and load

-Printable reports with trajectory, field references and ballistic graphs

-Adjustable atmospheric conditions

-Adjustable magnification for the ultimate dialing-in of BDC reticles

-Determine point blank range for Nikoplex reticles with adjustable target/vital size

-Easy to follow video tutorial

While nothing can replace time spent shooting on an actual range, Nikon’s Spot On technology/program allows shooters to decide from thousands of load and sight -in options for specific hunts or shooting styles. Never before have so many variables been brought into one tool for rifleshooters.

Nikon’s Spot On program lives at and is a free tool for all shooters.

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products.

For more information on Nikon’s full line of Riflescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Fieldscopes and Laser Rangefinders, please contact: Nikon Sport Optics, 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3064, or call 1-800-645-6687.

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***** NEW ***** GUNSLATER

Posted on 24 February 2010 by Tom Wiley

Baton Rouge, LA – November 24, 2009.

The new Gunslater from Flextone Game Calls, has now set new standards by introducing their new gun mounted slate call holder. The Gunslater allows the hunter to operate their favorite pot style call with one hand while holding their gun with the other without compromising the calls volume or tone.

Other products must be mounted to the hunter’s leg or gun stock which drastically reduces the volume and totally changes the tone because the call is directed inches from that object and becomes muffled.

The Gunslater’s patent pending design, allows for “Call Forward” calling which points the pot in the same direction the gun is pointing for precise calling. The Gunslater can also be adjusted, allowing for personal preference in the angle at which the hunter rests his hands and operates his striker to his favorite pot call. Due to this revolutionary design, the Gunslater is ambidextrous by nature, allowing both right and left handed use. The “Call Forward” design also hides the hunters hand movements, while calling in that dominant gobbler those final few yards. It also has a peg hole to place your striker right before you pull the trigger. Being that the Gunslater attaches to your gun right behind the receiver and off either side, the hunter is always inches from the trigger, thus reducing additional movement which can spook any turkey. Finally, the Gunslater is completely covered in Realtree’s Hardwoods Green HD making it the ultimate weapon in both concealment and calling, for the wariest of ol’ gobblers.

For information:


Phone:  (225)638-4016

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New **Fan Dangler**

Posted on 24 February 2010 by Tom Wiley

Baton Rouge, LA – November 24, 2009.

Ever tried to figure out how to spread, mount and dry that new turkey fan you just shot. They are beautiful when displayed, but what a mess you make doing so. Large wooden boards with your latest trophy fan nailed to it not only clutter your home but always seem to be in your way.

The new Fan Dangler, from Flextone Game Calls eliminates the mess and hassle of spreading, drying, and mounting your new turkey fan. The Fan Dangler simply clips to the bottom two feathers on both sides of the fan and automatically sets the fan at the perfect angles for complete fan extension. It includes two separate mounts for your different mounting needs. First, the “Dryer Mount” allows for quick and easy attachment to your fan. The top is in the shape of a turkey head which forms a hook and can be easily hung anywhere out of the way. Being that the fan is upside down, the salt, borax or favorite cure that is applied to the middle meaty section stays in place and reduces the chances of it dropping off onto the floor or other belongings. After it dries, it can be used as a handle when carrying the fan afield while using the fan on your favorite strutting gobbler decoy. The second mount, is the “Trophy Mount” which attaches to the fan the same way, but allows for quick attachment of your beard and both spurs. This is the most inexpensive way to mount your next turkey fan quickly, easily and without the clutter associated with drying turkey fans. The Fan Dangler from Flextone Game Calls……guaranteed to take the frustration out of mounting your next turkey fan from that trophy gobbler.

For information:


Phone:  (225)638-4016

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Michael Waddell Endorses Flextone’s FIVE New Turkey Mouth Calls

Posted on 02 January 2010 by Tom Wiley

Flextone Game Calls proudly welcomes the Michael Waddell Series of turkey mouth calls to its turkey call line up. His years of competitive turkey calling contests have landed him numerous state and national calling championships. This along with his years of hunting experience across the nation calling to the meanest of gobblers, have caused Flextone and Michael Waddell to join forces and create his favorite and most successful turkey mouth calls ever. Flextone’s new “Blended Latex” makes the calls not only very responsive, but super easy to use. No more stiff latex reeds that takes days to break in, as Michael’s new calls start singing to Thunder Chickens the first time you try. Flextone and Michael Waddell are introducing five new mouth calls to its arsenal.

SMACK DOWN tm          Triple reed w/ Half & Half Cut

KUNG FU CHOP tm       Triple reed w/ 3.0 Cutter

FREAK NASTY tm            Triple reed w/ Double Bat Wing Cut

SPUR COLLECTOR tm   Triple Reed w/ “V” Cut

BLACK BETTY tm             Triple Reed w/ Ghost Cut

The new Michael Waddell Series Mouth Calls from Flextone Game Call, not only creates soft tree yelps or seductive clucks and purrs, but can shake leaves out from the tallest of trees with the loud cuts, cackles and yelps. The new Flextone technology of “Blended Latex” not only is responsive to soft calling but has the back bone to scream back at the loudest of gobblers. This spring, don’t enter the woods with just any turkey call, use the Michael Waddell Series of Blended Latex mouth calls from Flextone Game Calls and give those Thunder Chickens a tongue lashing that they’ve never heard before.

Michael Waddell on Flextone's 5 new turkey mouth calls

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New Nikon Monarch X Binocular – Perfect for any hunting situation

Posted on 21 December 2009 by Tom Wiley

7533_Monarch_X_10_5x45In 2009, Nikon pushes its optical technology in its All Terrain Binocular line with features that will benefit the hunter serious about low light performance. The new Nikon Monarch X binocular series with 45mm objective lenses provide larger exit pupils for increased low light performance, while maintaining the balance and comparable weight of many competitors’ 42mm models. Available in 8.5×45 for the ultimate in light transfer and 10.5×45 for an ideal combination of power and performance, the Monarch X works equally well on tough stalks or long sits on stand.

By utilizing Nikon’s advanced Dielectric high-reflective multilayer prism coatings, the Monarch X delivers a brighter, more crisp view during critical dawn and dusk periods. The long eye relief (8.5×45=20.6mm and 10.5×45=16.0mm) multi-position click-stop eyecups make using the New Monarch X a simple pleasure for any user—with or without eyeglasses.

“Nikon will always be a leader in the most advanced optical technology” said Jon LaCorte, Senior Product Marketing Manager. “The Monarch X combines recent advancements such as dielectric coatings and proven lightweight yet durable body construction to create a great addition to our binocular line.”

The Monarch X also features Nikon’s legendary fully multicoated optics, waterproof/fogproof ruggedness and flip-down objective covers. MSRP for the Monarch X is $579.95 for the 8.5×45 and $599.95 for the 10.5×45.

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products.

For more information on Nikon’s full line of Riflescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes, Fieldscopes and Laser Rangefinders, please contact: Nikon Sport Optics, 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3064, or call 1-800-645-6687.

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Nikon Introduces Breakthrough BDC Riflescope Reticle

Posted on 13 December 2009 by Tom Wiley

Nikon has announced a new reticle designed to be used in conjunction with its popular laser rangefinders to provide hunters with an easy-to-use system for determining proper long-range shot placement on animals.

The new Nikon BDC (Bullet Drop Compensating) is actually a trajectory-compensating reticle designed and calibrated to provide fast, simple aiming points for various shot distances. This unique system integrates a series of small “ballistic circles”—each subtending 2” @ 100 yards— allowing unimpeded lines of sight to even small targets.

Nikon’s BDC is designed to be used with most standard centerfire cartridges with typical bullet weights, providing aiming points out to 500 yards, with a 100-yard sight-in. With Magnum cartridges and typical bullet weights, the same scopes with BDC reticles offer aiming points out to 600 yards, with a 200-yard sight-in.

After sighting-in the crosshair at 100 or 200 yards with the highest magnification, determine the distance to the target and use the appropriate ballistic circle. Verify the aiming points by shooting at actual, measured distances.

Mastering the art of long-range shooting has always been one of the greatest challenges for the hunter. Determining the correct hold-point on an animal at long range has a lot to do with the velocity of a cartridge, bullet weight and ballistic coefficient—or science—and little to do with luck or guess work.  While there is no substitute for practice, Nikon’s new BDC reticle— particularly when used with a Nikon Laser Rangefinder—can provide the necessary edge in determining proper shot placement at a variety of known distances. Nikon’s BDC reticle is available in the following scopes, Monarch Gold 2.5-10×50, Monarch 3-9×40, Monarch 3.5-10×50, Monarch 4-12×40, Monarch 5.5-16.5×44, Monarch 6.5-20×44, Buckmasters 3-9×40, Buckmasters 4.5-14×40, Buckmasters 6-18×40 and ProStaff 3-9×40.

View All BDC Reticles

Nikon Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Nikon sports and recreational optics, world-renowned Nikon 35mm cameras, digital cameras, speedlights and accessories, Nikkor lenses and electronic imaging products. For more information on the new BDC reticle, plus information on Nikon’s full line of Riflescopes, Laser Rangefinders, Binoculars, Fieldscopes and Spotting Scopes, write:  Nikon Sport Optics, 1300 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY 11747-3064 or call 1-800-248-6846.

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New Product! Flextone Turkey Calls Run-N-Gun

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Tom Wiley

Run-N-Gun (glass and/or slate pot style call with lanyard)

Baton Rouge, LA – November 24, 2009.

Flextone Game Calls proudly introduces the newest design in pot style type turkey calls, called the Run-N-Gun. The Run-N-Gun comes in both a slate and glass versions for the most avid turkey hunter. Staying within the Flextone technology of incorporating soft flexible rubber, the Run-N-Gun’s compact design fits inside a case made from soft yet quiet rubber, which allows the hunter to be in stealth mode when moving in on gobblers. The case has a convenient lanyard which allows the hunter to carry the call comfortably around his neck for quick easy access. No need for big cumbersome turkey vests, especially during those hot springtime days. The Run-N-Gun’s compact design doesn’t stop there, as its compact “Inverted Striker” reduces the size from normal strikers and is small enough, locks securely inside the lid for the ultimate in compact carrying. The soft flexible rubber case totally eliminates unwanted noises from accidental contact with your gun or other hard surfaces. The Run-N-Gun is easily accessible, stealthy quiet yet packs a loud punch when calling on its slate and/or glass surface. This makes it the ideal choice when the hunter has to convert to covering lots of ground in search of a hot gobbling turkey without having to carry a heavy turkey vest. The new Run-N-Gun from Flextone Game Calls is the newest mobile weapon in turkey hunting warfare. Get one today.

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Introducing the New Prostaff 4-12×40 Riflescope

Posted on 10 January 2009 by Tom Wiley

More Power. More Versatility. The .

The perfect addition to Nikon’s best-selling Riflescope Series.

  • Waterproof/Fogproof
  • Multicoated Optics for up to 90% Light Transmission
  • Precise, Repeatable, 1/4 MOA Reticle Adjustments

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