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New **Fan Dangler**

Posted on 24 February 2010 by Tom Wiley

Baton Rouge, LA – November 24, 2009.

Ever tried to figure out how to spread, mount and dry that new turkey fan you just shot. They are beautiful when displayed, but what a mess you make doing so. Large wooden boards with your latest trophy fan nailed to it not only clutter your home but always seem to be in your way.

The new Fan Dangler, from Flextone Game Calls eliminates the mess and hassle of spreading, drying, and mounting your new turkey fan. The Fan Dangler simply clips to the bottom two feathers on both sides of the fan and automatically sets the fan at the perfect angles for complete fan extension. It includes two separate mounts for your different mounting needs. First, the “Dryer Mount” allows for quick and easy attachment to your fan. The top is in the shape of a turkey head which forms a hook and can be easily hung anywhere out of the way. Being that the fan is upside down, the salt, borax or favorite cure that is applied to the middle meaty section stays in place and reduces the chances of it dropping off onto the floor or other belongings. After it dries, it can be used as a handle when carrying the fan afield while using the fan on your favorite strutting gobbler decoy. The second mount, is the “Trophy Mount” which attaches to the fan the same way, but allows for quick attachment of your beard and both spurs. This is the most inexpensive way to mount your next turkey fan quickly, easily and without the clutter associated with drying turkey fans. The Fan Dangler from Flextone Game Calls……guaranteed to take the frustration out of mounting your next turkey fan from that trophy gobbler.

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