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Why Choose PMI?


Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary has five (5) definitions of the word experience. PMI has it 

regardless of which definition you choose. We have 90+ years of combined experience 

in the outdoor industry, which is impressive, but we are more than years of experience. 

As the principal of the group, Tom Wiley leads with an intimate knowledge of all aspects 

of the industry. As the founder and former owner of Flextone brand game calls, Tom 

has seen the industry from all perspectives. As the General Manager of Flextone brand 

game calls, Tom’s many duties included all aspects of running the day-to-day business. 

While his emphasis was on sales, marketing, and public relations, he also functioned as 

Trade Show Coordinator, Advertising Buyer, Graphic Designer, New Product Designer, 

Contract Labor Manager, and Quality Controller. This culmination of experience has led 

to a greater understanding of the expectations and needs of manufacturers. This sets 

PMI apart from other sales organizations that oftentimes have a narrower viewpoint and 

base of experience. 

By assembling some of the most experienced and hardworking reps in the industry, PMI 

is hard to beat. This team has experience in many marketing areas including law 

enforcement, hardware, marine, and of course sporting goods and the outdoor industry. 

Our team knows the customer base, the territory and we are all self-starters. This wide 

range of experience coupled with the expertise that comes with many years of 

perfecting the sales process makes PMI the best choice in the Southeast to grow sales 

and profits in the outdoor industry. 


PMI’s goal is to establish long-term working relationships that are mutually beneficial to 

both PMI and its’ dealers, distributors and vendors. The PMI sales team has a long 

history of repeat business in an industry not known for sustaining such working 

relationships. Several of PMI’s sales reps have represented Nikon Sport Optics for over 

20 years. The relationships forged between our sales team and our distributors, dealers 

and manufacturers go beyond the ordinary. PMI’s relationships are based on trust and 

mutual respect. Dealers respect our opinions not only on the products we represent but 

also contact us asking for advice on market trends and other products as well. 

Additionally, we believe in follow through and solid marketing support for our customers. 


PMI makes every effort to be as knowledgeable as possible in regards to the product 

lines represented. We do extensive training on the product lines we sell. While sell in is 

important, the PMI sales team also knows that to ensure sell through and reorder, our 

distributors, dealers (and their sales staff) must be thoroughly trained and 



Customer support does not end when an order is placed. PMI sales reps are available 

after the sale to provide technical support and training. We are equipped with the latest 

technology to do our jobs from the road. Even though we are often out in the trenches, 

we pride ourselves on being available. We make every effort to have a salesman or 

support staff return all calls the same day.

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